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Swing Gate-GS

Swing Gate-GS is a fast response servo-motor operated directional gate suitable for narrow passage areas.


It is constructed with glass blades designed like a flag to maintain an elegant and solid built, yet able to withstand abuse of mass transit systems with minimal maintenance cost.


Features of particular mention (but not limited to):

  • Built for indoor and outdoor usage

  • Potential for very high Traffic Throughput in free access mode

  • Rapid Servo Motor Automatic Swing Gate


Other features include (but not limited to):

  • CE Certified

  • Highly Durable

  • Efficient Space Usage

Mode of Operation

In CLOSE position, the electromagnetic Locking device prevents the rotor gear from rotating. This keeps the swing gate in a close position, preventing unauthorised access.


When access is granted, the rotor gear rotates the bar barrier by 90°, and returns to initial position after pedestrian enters/exits.


When power goes OFF, both directions are also locked preventing intrusion for security reasons.



The slim and simple design, coupled with high traffic throughput makes it highly compatible for access points in shops, supermarkets, bank centers, administrative facilities, railway stations and more.


Optional Items Available

  • Remote Control Unit

  • Remote Wireless Control Unit

  • Backup Battery 12V, 7Ah


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