The Sweeper MP Gates

The 'Sweeper' MP Gates were designed on top of the Sweeper Swing Gates with outstanding vandal proof housing and high barriers (up to 1500mm) for increased security and entrance control.


Sweeper MP Gates have flexible options of using the Metal Barrier Gates or Polycarbonate Gates.


Other features of particular mention:

  • CE Certified

  • Efficient Servo Motorised Operation


Modes of control

Our sweeper gates are motorised to open in either directions, and can be managed from wired remote control in automatic settings, or from manual programming via access control systems.


The gates can be operated as either normally open and normally close. Both access directions are free when the turnstile is de-energized.


The vandal-proof housing makes the Sweeper MP Gates suitable for high security sites where access control and personnel restriction is required without compromise to functionality.


It has been widely used in high security buildings, research & manufacturing facilities, and many other places where high security gantries are needed.


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