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Jetpan Retract Barrier

The Jetpan Retract Barrier is security enhanced turnstile design specialised for high glass panel barrier support.


A classy and customizable alternative, it provides for security comparable to full-height turnstiles without compromising aesthetic qualities.


It offers important and essential features, like:


  • Object Handover prevention

  • Increased height for 'climb-over' prevention

  • Opaque/Transparent Barrier as additional option

  • High Traffic Throughput

  • Elegant "slide-away" barriers when activated


This is accomplished by our standard manufacturing policy; using an efficient Servo Motor mechanism to drive the barrier panels.


Available in multiple modes of entry control and functionalities; customised to your needs:


  • Using cards and card readers, linked to most brands of Access Control Solutions.

  • Remote Control at the reception or security centre.

  • Handheld Wireless Remote Control.

  • Power failure emergency exit (programmable for fail-safe or fail-secure).

  • Fire alarm emergency exit (programmable for fail-safe or fail-secure).

  • Population count.

  • And more...

Site Compatibility

The high glass barriers makes it suitable for sites with high security requirements without compromise to functionality, style and elegance.


It has been widely used in many banks, research & manufacturing facilities, busy business centres, checkpoints and many other places where high security yet classy gantries are needed.


For more information, download our "Brochures"


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