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Policeman Speed Bump

with Rising Kerb

Our speed bump offers a standby security 24/7 for designed as a temporary speed check zone.


It can be partially raised as a 'Slow Down' zone, or a complete raising, serving as a Road Blocker, preventing vehicle entry into important access roadpaths. 


This is also a portable speed bump that needs no foundation, and can be installed directly on road beds.


It combines 3 important features:

  • 2 in 1 solution as a speed reducer and complete road blocker

  • Good portability and easy installation

  • Rapid Road Block Activation



Our Policeman Speedbump can be installed on the same level with roads and pathways, omitting any protruding bumps, and rises up to 400mm upon activation. This makes our road blockers compatible for sensitive zones such as immigration and customs checkpoints, inspection zones, distribution centres, heavy vehicle parking zones, embassies, important commercial sites... and more.



Each set of Policeman Speed Bump comes with:

  • Entrance Ramp                  (2 pcs)

  • Hydraulic Station                (1 set)

  • High Pressure Hose           (1 set)

  • Wired Control Unit              (1 kit)

  • Policeman Speedbump      (Main Component)

Additional Options:


  • Traffic Lights

  • Light and Sound Indicator

  • Heater

  • Induction Loop

  • Remote Control Unit


To watch our video for better understanding, click here.

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