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Bollard AUIA 330 K8

Blocking Columns

Our anti-ram and parking columns are simple, durable and aesthetically pleasing alternative to road barriers and chain barriers.


These columns reliably resist ramming and restricts vehicle access, providing for optimal building and pedestrian walkway protection.


They can be installed and arranged in single file(s) or in any sequence to barricade the targeted restricted area.


It combines 3 important features:

  • Variety of operation modes (parallel, serial, cascade)

  • Weather-resistant Coating

  • Controllable either by remote control or wired to access control system and/or remote push-button control





Our aesthetically pleasing bollards are particularly suitable for office building zones, shopping mall zones, carpark cargo bays, cultural heritage sites... and more.

Additional Options:


  • Light Indicator

  • Sound Alarm

  • Hermetic sealing (Airtight Sealing against weather conditions)

  • Heater



To watch our video for better understanding, click here.

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