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TiSO Access Control Systems

Our Access Control systems are perfect solutions that complements with the automation and entry control mechanisms of our turnstile solutions.

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Some of the functions offered with our Access Control Applications:


  • ​Organization of Ticketing, Sales, Collection and Payment

  • Customizing of Rates, Routes and Services

  • Seggregation of Club, member and special privileges

  • Choice of Customizing for Comprehensive Customer Records

  • 24/7 Report- Generation and notification

  • Variety Modes of Payment (Online, cash desk, terminal payment, etc)

  • And more...


Our ticketing systems are compatible with all of our security products, and can be programmed to use one or more of the following:

  • Barcode scanners

  • Access Card readers

  • RFIDs/HIDs


Depending on your needs, our software applications are available with:

  • Ticket Sales Modules

  • Administrator Modules & Settings

  • Report Generator Modules

  • Database Server (for a centralized data storage for your convenience)


Talk to us for a security solution today


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