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About Us

About Us

TiSO APAC was established to understand the needs of Asia,  providing customised security solutions in this increasingly important part of the world where security is a topmost concern to safeguard investments, properties, and most important of all - To make life safer for the People of Asia.


At TiSO Production, we manufacture and provide security solutions, offering carefully researched turnstiles, pedestrian barriers, emergency doors, anti-ramming devices and more..


All products are manufactured in strict compliance with international standards and adheres to all modern quality, safety, design and ease of use.


Our continuous success and innovation has placed our products in the world frontier, gaining recognition internationally. With our excellent Staff Creativity & Manufacturing Flexibility, we aim to bring forth quality products and security solutions, giving you affordability and elegance.

An Interesting fact..


TiSO Production has provided comprehensive security turnstiles and access control solution for Nuclear Powerplants (NPP) since the beginning of 2002.


With our unique and rich experience in such highly stringent environments,  we are professionally positioned to provide customized and incomparable security solutions to the world.


The level of security demands needed for such strategic sites would require the highest quality and functionality to ensure smooth operations, where we have since been a tested and proven turnstiles solution provider to meet standards of the Ukrainian and International regulatory agencies for NPP security,  where Ukrainian policies are also considered to be the strictest in the field of access control (exceeding military facility requirements).


Our entry control solutions will grant every customer a unique product, giving you a peace of mind with our comprehensive experience and know-how at your disposal.


Design Bureau

Our Experimental design bureau constantly brings new possibilities to your needs. We research and update our existing products to sync with global developments and needs, manufacturing new models to serve you better. To date, we have designed and manufactured hundreds of model variations, innovating to what we have today, and offering customized solutions to the world.

Responsibility and energy efficiency

As a socially responsible company, we have internal manufacturing control and regulations to minimise our possible impact on the environment.


We strive for a waste-free production and all unusable materials are sorted for recycling.


At TiSO, we constantly work to improve energy usage efficiency for our manufacturing processes. Special "waiting" and power down modes are used when our machineries & equipments are not in use. This way, we reduce our production cost and pass the savings onto you.


The same power-saving philosophy goes to all of our turnstiles products,  thus providing you with cost effective security operations and achieving minimal maintenance whilst minimising our combined impact on the environment.


Our Manufacturing Plant are capable of producing more than 1,000 turnstiles per month. We have also exceeded manufacturing expectations, meeting an average of 10% additional customised and variance orders.


This is made possible with our extensive machinery and advanced technology, enabling for metal, glass and wood treatments. With the latest laser metal-cutter installations in 2012, we assure you quality manufacturing standards of up to 0.1mm precision in manufacturing cutting process for your turnstile and security equipment needs.


With continuous investment in our company assets, we perform significant manufacturing renovation and holistic product range updates to meet your ever-changing needs. With regular updates,  we maintain our competitive edge in the global security market, strengthening our position with every passing year.


Only materials of the highest quality (metal, wood, glass and even stones) are used in our products. Our policy for quality allows for endless configuration possibilities for your needs, and can be assured of its superior quality from the exterior right down to the nuts and bolts.

Supply & Affordability

With TiSO, we guarantee supplies of popular product models, ready to deliver to you in the shortest possible time.


With our policies on manufacturing wastage reduction, efficient energy use & an independent business process from manufacturing to delivery, we offer one of the most affordable prices available in the global market.all


Our Presence in Asia Pacific

Our continuous participation in major international security shows (such as IFSEC, INTERSEC, etc) ensures our continuous efforts to step up our presence in the global market.


To extend our support to you, we have established a Regional Headquarters in Singapore to provide you with quality product and customer support in Asia Pacific.

Warranty and Post-Warranty Service

There is no one shoe that fits all!


Talk to us for a customised warranty & support solution free-of-charge.


Our regional technical support team is ever ready to respond quickly to your service needs. To do that, we ensure consistent availability of replacement & spare parts for servicing in the shortest possible time.


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